What is Altitude Training?

It is no coincidence that most of the longest living leanest (healthiest) populations on earth are those who live at high altitudes, above 2,200 metres.

Known as hypoxic training, Altitude Training involves exercising in environments with a reduced level of oxygen. Through leading technology we are able to simulate altitude in our state of the art studio. Our hypoxic machine filters oxygen out of the air which is then delivered to you within an altitude (hypoxic) room with no change in pressure.

We can simulate an environment upto approx. 16500 ft. (5000 meters).

When an individual trains in a low oxygen, or hypoxic environment, their body struggles to produce enough energy and hence adapts, by increasing the number of red blood cells or altering muscle metabolism. These adaptations allow the body to utilize oxygen better and increase the efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Altitude Training

Benefits of Simulated Altitude Training
You feel better, you have more energy, can run faster and further and there is less wear and tear on your internal engine. A 30 minute workout at altitude will yield similar results to a 1 hour high intensity gym cardio work out. Plus it is less strenuous on the body and joints. In short, you achieve more, by doing less

Major Benefits of Simulated Altitude Training

  • Weight Loss – Burn 200% more Calories
  • Improved cardio vascular health
  • Improved sleep cycle
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Improved oxygen utilization
  • Improved aerobic performance
  • Increased bone density

Other important benefits of Simulated Altitude Training

  • Pre – acclimatization (before travelling to areas of high altitude)
  • Elite athlete training
  • Rehabilitation and Injury recovery (orthopedic and musculo-skeletal)

Studies also indicate that Simulated Altitude Training helps in...

  • Type 2 Diabetes control
  • Asthma Control

How is it different than working out in your gym?

Oxygen is essential for human life. Hypoxic (altitude) training enables your system to increase the carrying capacity of oxygen within your body.

Being at rest in a hypoxic environment has the equivalent effect on the body of doing moderate intensity exercise in a ‘normal’ environment (at sea level). This makes any exercise you do more efficient

Is it only for Athletes?

No. This technology can be used for health & fitness and weight loss and also to improve your Oxygen efficiency. It is scientifically proven to assist medical conditions as well as in helping you to lose weight. Plus your skin will glow better. Research in the area of bone healing has shown that hypoxia can increase mineral density to make bones stronger and speed recovery from injuries.

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