What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind and body exercise method designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. Started by Joseph Pilates for men at war during the World War II, Pilates was then transformed for ballet and contemporary dances. So as we like to say at the studio, when you do Pilates you will get strong like a warrior, but also work towards the flexibility and posture of a ballet or contemporary dancer. This ensures you get the best of both worlds.

Pilates exercises can be done on a mat or on special equipment such as the reformer, stability chair, Cadillac and ladder barrel. At the studio we work on the equipment as well as on the mat ensuring you get the maximum benefit out of the Pilates session. It is an ideal form of exercise to tone the core muscles, get leaner, longer, and more stable, improve strength and flexibility as well as reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

At our studio you will be empowered to discover your inner strength, transform your mind and body, improve core strength, increase stamina, improve your health and achieve a new and exciting physical well being.

“Pilates is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the World."

Pilates Training
The exercises follow five basic principles.
The Pilates method encompasses more than 500 controlled, precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. The exercises follow five principles
  • Breathing
  • Pelvic Placement
  • Rib Cage Placement
  • Scapular Movement & Stabilization
  • Head and Cervical Placement

Why Pilates?

It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioner recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today. Pilates can be beneficial for just about everyone, regardless of age and fitness level.

  • Improves muscles tone (lean body mass)
  • Strengthen your core (abdomen/lower back)
  • Improves your posture / balance / control / flexibility
  • Improves mobility and flexibility of the spine
  • Improves lean body mass (helps lose inches)
  • Relieves stress & tension & promotes a feeling of well being
  • Develops the function & efficiency of the lungs
  • Offers a safe and beneficial form of exercise for a wide range of medical conditions, including Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis
Improves muscles tone
In 10 sessions you will feel the difference.
Improves muscles tone
In 20 sessions you will see the diference.

Improves muscles tone
In 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.

“Almost everyone can benefit from Pilates!
People around you will notice a substantial difference in
your overall appearance in just a few sessions".