Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress, former model

A lot of the times I forget that Namrata is my trainer as she makes workouts an experience that I would enjoy with a friend.

I have finally stopped making excuses to go for a workout as it never really feels like one, it is so much more fun now.

In only a few sessions of working out with Namrata my body has been able to shrink, get toned and stay that way. I feel super fit now!

Suma Shirur

Suma Shirur

Olympic Finalist / Arjuna Awardee - World Record Holder 10 m. Air Rifle (Women)

One and a half years of regular Pilates with Samir has not only reformed my back, it has strengthened my balance and stability so crucial to my sport and the results are showing.

Thank you Samir for helping me get back into the Indian squad.

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia


Since I started Pilates at " The Pilates Studio" I have witnessed a tremendous change in my body.

Pilates has helped me improve my flexibility, endurance, and most importantly my core strength.

Whats great is that I have been able to carry these benefits across to all my other exercise routines like the gym and yoga.

Once you start doing Pilates, and realise its an injury free way of staying in shape you would never stop !


Renedy Singh

Football - Vice Captain (India)

How has it helped me on a personal level ?
"Since 2003, I have been having this persistent calf muscle problem which is because of my lingering back problem. I have consulted various doctors and physiotherapists but it hasn't been cured for good, and in turn it affected my game and also I had to sit out after every two or three games until fit again. So apart from carrying on with my own core & back exercises and after attending Pilates sessions, I have fortunately never had any trouble or pain for the past 3 months. It has also helped me with strengthening my core muscles and I feel physically fitter and more agile.
Why would I recommend this modern technique of fitness to other footballers ?

"Footballers have to be strong and quick since the game requires speed, agility, technique and absolute fitness. So it makes it all the more important to remain in shape and have top level of fitness to perform. This is where Pilates (sessions) come into play and thereby help the footballers and keep them injury free. I would recommend this to my fellow footballers and personally experience the difference. Especially since its modern and new to the Indian athletes.

Why Namrata ?
"From the very first day we felt welcomed and very comfortable to work with her. But after the second session onwards it didn't seem quite as easy as it looked! She is an amazing instructor and exhibited the exercises clearly and patiently. And as the youngest Pilates instructor in the country, I am sure she will go a long way into helping her clientele become stronger and fitter. I wish her all the best in her future endeavour’s."

Shibani Dandekar

Shibani Dandekar


A friend of mine put me on to pilates and I haven't looked back since! The Pilates Studio has changed my life forever and for the better! My complete outlook on diet and exercise has improved.

For someone that hates to exercise and finds it difficult to get motivated, Pliates is the answer I've been looking for all along. I never thought that I could do a full body workout in an hour and see such drastic results within 3 weeks! My stomach has never been so toned and I've never felt so fit. The thing I love about this studio is that the workouts are so challenging and there is so much to learn and you discover muscles that you never knew you had. The class leaves you feeling energized and strong rather than drained and exhausted like most workouts and this is the biggest plus for someone like me.

The moment I did my first trial class I was hooked because I knew that I was working all parts of my body in a way that would not cause harm or injury under the guidance of trainers that are so thorough with the job they do. You learn so much about your body and through every exercise you can feel the improvement and the strength and you just want to keep learning more. It is just the most amazing thing I've ever done and without it now I'd be lost! Even for someone like me who gets bored easily, there is no chance of that because there are so many exercises and variations that you are constantly challenged. One of the best things about this studio are the trainers. They have such great energy and the moment you enter the studio you feel like you want to be there, you want to look after your body and this is mainly because you have such fantastic people to motivate you.They constantly monitor every move you make making sure your form is correct and that you get the maximum out of each exercise. Even with 4 people in a class you always feel like you're working with a personal trainer because they don't miss a thing. I've been training at The Pilates Studio for 5 months now and the consistency of the trainers hasn't changed in the slightest..if anything they push you even more and their attention to detail ensures that you keep working harder! They will make sure you come to class and once you get they make sure that every moment counts.

I have trained in Sydney, London and New York and this studio is by far on par if not better than what is offered internationally. The Pilates Studio has become my second home. It is a great combination of a fabulous form of exercise and amazing trainers that geuninely care.I love going to the studio, I love the trainers and more importantly I finally love working out!


Sushant P Karkera

Marathon Runner

My name is Sushant P Karkera. I am a marathon runner.

I have run around 12 half marathon’s (21km) and 6 full marathon’s (42km). I have also run twice the Comrades Ultra Marathon (89km) in Durban - South Africa. I won a bronze medal in 10 hrs:47 min .
I had an injury since one yr, in my hip and glutes and felt a lot of discomfort in my running and was not able to run to my ability.

Then I met my Physio – Heath Mathews of Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and he did some tests. He told me that I have a weak core and because of that all my muscles were weak.

Heath Mathews suggested that I meet Mr.Samir Purohit.
In the past the only form of strength training I was doing was going to the gym, which was not helping me at all and my running was suffering.

I met Mr.Samir and shared my problems. He assured me that all my problems will be sorted out and said “just start”.

I joined Pilates and it was amazing. Initially when I started I felt all my muscles were weak. Pilates was so effective, I told myself, wow this is what I was looking for.

Thru Pilates I have learnt the art of breathing and connecting the core. Now I have finished around 40 sessions.

I feel so strong, and conditioned, there’s so much stability in my muscles its fabulous. I have no injury & I am running very strong. All thanks to my trainer Mohsin he is superb and ofcourse Mr.Samir and his Pilates studio...

Bruna Abdullah

Bruna Abdullah

Actress and Model

My whole life I have always loved out door sports.. I was never a gym kind of a person.. But since I suffered from two slip discs I have not been able to do much as my core wasn't strong enough...

It became worse and I had no more hope.. Till pilates came into my life!!!!
My coach Namrata Purohit has managed to strengthen my core And other important muscles .....

Today after a long time I feel fit!!!!
I dance i work out and i have never felt pain again since I started pilates.

A big thank you to Samir, John and specially Namrata who has been giving me special care since the first day!